The All-Pragmatic Gratitude

Ahhhhhhh, #Gratitude….the usually tiny slice-of-the-pie gratitude.

If you have keyed in previously you may have glimpsed #AdvancedStudies. Part of that is the understanding that We are the creators of Our experience. Every experience and interaction in our lives has been threaded out of our own desire and need for any particular experience or encounter and placed perfectly for our understanding, thusly, purposefully promoting personal evolvement..

This knowledge shoUld maKe Gratitude very easy…so natural a response as to be likened to reflex…… it All.

Practically speaking, it is not something most people endeavor for, this sense of appreciation for All that Is.

But the fascinating find is that a consistent greatful (..i am sorry but “grateful” is not correct… #Websterwashigh ..i digress…) nature creates a healthier body through healing, a clearer sense of purpose, an emotional support unlike any other~~~and sets your vibration to the highest frequency, Love. And thAt my Friends is where #depression , #anxiety , #dread , and #fear cannot exist.

There’s been some weird bastardization of the concept of “fierceness”. Trust me when i say We are at our extreme fiercest when we glow with Gratitude.

There is a deep down sense of #faith we gain from understanding that all is as it should be, for our ultimate highest benefit.. It’s that promise through/from faith which makes every detail in our lives important and attention-worthy. And when we are looking at all we experience as a groovy professor, we begin to perceive for our Self what is commonly understood as miracles. That is All.


~~ Remember, You must waNt to be well, to be content, to feel happy and enlightened… feel Fierce. Then it’s just about understanding the locksmithian nature of Gratitude.

Blessings Lovelys…~pantha ~sisterteresa

Air Behind the Butterfly: Paper on Procurement~

There does exist a universal phenomenon of an intervention into the process of “drawing”….the effort of ‘bringing to’ one’s self. It is akin to the time a bow is drawn back before being thrust forward; it is the “aiming time’, if you will. It is the portion of wishing and goaling to materializing that requires a pull-back…..a moment to gather momentum and get sites accurated.

It is the #ego that will demand past this nuance, this very necessary “eddy” before execution. The ego wants to control timing and capacity and momentum. The ego is #negativeaggression in any direction….even and especially towards our selves.

To eradicate anxious frustration #lowvibratoryexperience , One must respect #process and trust in one of the surest things, #DivineTiming .

The air behind the butterfly is a delicate mass…..but mass it is. If disrespected with haste it can and surely will push the butterfly consistently out of reach. ThAt is All.

#panthapapers #AdvancedStudies #kalipantha7

We Will Speak

088C49C9-36CB-44E8-8E12-5CFE197CF715“…these winds…of such seeming change…must have You hear. That’s All.” -trudy pearl Sands

My Dear Friends, fear only fear.

Run in place, scream with silence, and push the butterfly no more. This is the open door….this moment. It is yours…tears pierce while songs of friction frack the distance to near….and silence…is the only thing in worth to hear~

We don’t want this Us, just One….~though it is up-on Us like lapping dark trying this New Dawn.
🐚~and the harmonic echoing flutes do play, riiiight about here….

~Jah Love, Lovelys ~Sister teresa

Church of The Divine Trust….~welcome 🕊


Time to Revive

cropped-087.jpgToday is day #1543 ‘post-crash’. On April 2, 2016 I stroked by weird default. That story will be coming, but for the all important #now I need to tell you the imminent message is…-do not give up.
From a body crash that left this one housebound and looking daily only at light cascading on white walls…I held firm that it was not over.
*Now it’s time to testify.
Hope is ours for the taking. Make a choice, create a critical movement….to what you want; a decision for support of what you think you deserve.
*It is that simple my dear friends.
~pantha ~Sister Teresa

We got this. Stay tuned. And welcome…


The LIGHT Will Survive

…even if One has no religious proclivity, the “battle” between Light and dark is undeniable.

If One strives and arrives to the stride of Truth, True Justice, and earnest Kindness…You have arrived… but ‘they’ are gonna show up en force…Trust it is so. To shine your clean Light will illuminate shadow…The dark, in principle, relies upon the “shadow effect”…

If One accepts the charge of shedding Light, that person  has been auto-enlisted… it’s the way of the real world… the Ether. #HeavenKnows

We are all Soldiers…pick a side and hold on….to Faith.

“Seperate” is a Misnomer

…Humans pray to many “My God”…but try to have perspective on the Realization that  “they” are All One, just as We. It’s not an easy undertaking for a being struggling for individuality, as We do…however~~think of it as that One is never alone… Ever.. You have everyone… and do not disown feeling connected to someone you may deem “improper”… ~for, that judgement is not your Call. #thinkaboutit #AdvancedStudies #WeAreOne



Kinda Like Ali

“ is designed to try and knock You back… and down… It’s not seriously sinister like organized religion or government, but it wants to test… to help You be your best… and if one can learn to flip the #seemingNegative one can embrace the sense of non-futility…ThAt’s All. ” -Trudy Pearl Sands  ~via @stormgaga 100_1131

It’S Okay To Care

…I hear this paraphrase so often… “…I did so much for them and they gave me nothing…”…. mmmmmmm, kkaaayyyy, oh yes “They” did…. You got the #Gift of #Giving and if you understood the #joy of giving it would be sufficient, that Joy… It’s only about “getting a return” if it’s a gambling measure… Investing in Human endeavor pays for itself with/through recognition and appreciation…in one’s own heart and mind. Buy those flowers for yourself instead of waiting for another; that action is training in empathy…it starts with you. When you love yourself, give to yourself, forgive yourself first, it’s so much easier to give that to others.. try to lose “expect”, and “disappointment” becomes almost a misnomer.